• Wet Well Covers

  • Pathway installation and repair

  • Excavator qualified CPCS – A59A Excavator above 10 Tonne Qualification

  • Fencing and securing sites

  • Concrete Bases

  • Run to waste scheme

  • Wash water, refurbishment filter

  • Drainage

  • Underground ducting 

  • Groundworks

  • HSAF Plant install and full M&E

  • Blower install and repair

  • Design of water and water recycling plants and control system

  • Building maintenance and securit​y 

mech fab 1.JPG


  • Mechanical installation and repairs

  • Pump and valve install and repair

  • Fabrication, machining and welding

  • Gearbox Rotor and bearings

  • Pipework fabrication

  • Pumping station inspections, surveys and repairs

  • Run to waste schemes

  • Washwater systems

  • Filter refurbishments

  • Design and Manufacture of bespoke blower, pump and sampling kiosks

  • Chlorguard installation and repair

  • Gearbox installation and repair

  • Bearing/seal installation and repair

  • Bridge scraper repairs

  • RBC biodisc refurb and replacement

  • Drone Survey design investigation 

elec photo cv.png


  • Pumping inspection and repairs

  • Motor rewinds and repair

  • Installation and fault finding

  • Electrical panel building

  • PLC software programming, fault finding and modifications

  • Invertor installations and repair

  • Instrumentation repairs and install

  • PAT and periodic testing

  • NICEIC testing and inspection

  • Telemetry database forms

  • Turbidity, chlorine and ammonia monitor installation

  • Actuated control valves

  • Slip ring assemblies

  • Flowmeter installation, repair and MCERTS

  • Firetrace control panel systems  

pump install cv 4.png


  • Pump and valve installation

  • Pump repair

  • Pipework modifications and fabrication

  • Valve repair and installation

  • Pump station survey inspections and repairs

  • Design and install washwater systems

  • Supply pumps

  • Parts and spares in stock

  • Bearings and seal replacements

  • WRAS approved spares

  • Fully equipped workshop for pump repairs