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Our aim is to ensure every project is delivered in accordance with all Health and Safety requirements, on time, to budget, and within our clients agreed scope of works. KITE excels in the management of health and safety in the workplace, within industries which provide essential services to businesses and the general public. 
Health and Safety

We understand that it is essential to work in association with all current Health and Safety legislation, standards, procedures and customer requirements.


With this commitment to safety we maintain a training matrix. This ensures that our engineers are trained and competent to carry out their tasks and that certificates are updated when required.  

​To maintain on site Health and Safety, we have developed the '10 SEC' check system, used by our engineers on a daily basis prior to carrying out any tasks that involve changes to the "Safety, Environment, or Communication" of  themselves or others around them.​


There are many challenges within our industry such as health and safety, environmental standards, and quality. Our aim is to assist our clients to minimise disruption to help them to continue to deliver services to their customers.

"Measure Twice; Cut Once" is a phrase we use at the forefront of our services. Through this approach we cover the aspects of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality.


We are proud to deliver an outstanding engineering maintenance service within this challenging field.


We have a documented Management Policy Manual which illustrates our approach to Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment within our daily working practises.


We understand that effective communication and contractor competence are fundamental when carrying out our work to ensure all customer Health and safety requirements are exceeded.


We are dedicated to achieving and improving Health and Safety within our sector and have clear measurable targets that define these values.


We have both Achilles UVDB verified and CHAS accreditation. This highlights our ongoing commitment to Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment.


KITE Charter '10 SEC Check'



S=SAFETY Always deliver exceptional service in the safest way possible.


E=ENVIRONMENT We have an obligation and duty to protect ourselves and those around us from accidents or harm.


C=COMMUNICATE We will communicate our Health and Safety policies clearly and at all levels to reduce risk every time.


“Our knowledge and experience will provide our customers with a resilient service that will collaborate with their Health and Safety Policies and Procedures" Dayle Humphrey, Managing Director


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