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Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy



The purpose of this document is to set out the policy of Slavery and Human Trafficking.




This policy applies to all KITE employees, subcontractors and suppliers of KITE Utility Services Ltd




This is a Company Policy and is not a Collective Agreement. The Company may amend it from time to time as appropriate.




KITE Management




The aim of this policy is to provide a safe working environment and to comply with the law.


The success of this policy depends on the co-operation of all employees, sub- contractors and suppliers in eliminating slavery and human trafficking in the work place.

KITE Utility Services Ltd acknowledges the fact that slavery and human trafficking occurs in many countries. However, KITE Utility Services Ltd aims to work actively against it. Our objective is that no products delivered to KITE Utility Services Ltd are produced by slaves or involve human trafficking what so ever.

KITE Utility Services Ltd will not compromise on any requirements regarding human rights. Under no circumstances will KITE use slaves or have any involvement in human trafficking within their workforce, subcontractors or suppliers.

KITE Utility Services Ltd Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy has been established in order to make KITE’s position clear to suppliers and their co-workers, as well as any other parties. The requirements in this code of conduct are mandatory to all suppliers and their sub-contractors.

KITE Utility Services Ltd does not accept and will not tolerate slavery or human trafficking.


All actions to avoid slavery and human trafficking shall be implemented by the management team. We will aim to provide our staff with training and briefings regarding anti slavery in the workplace. KITE requires that all suppliers comply with all relevant national and international laws, regulations and provisions regarding anti slavery or human trafficking.

Suppliers are obliged to take the appropriate measures to ensure that human slavery does not occur within their suppliers and their sub-contractors’ places of production.

If slavery or human trafficking is found in any place of production of their suppliers or subcontractors, KITE will terminate all business with the supplier or subcontractor involved.

The supplier shall effectively communicate to all its sub-contractors, as well as to its own co-workers, the content of KITE Utility Services Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, and ensure that all measures required are implemented accordingly.

If it is detected by any KITE employees, suppliers or subcontractors that slavery or human trafficking is occurring within KITEs business activities, then the management team commit to investigating all suspicions or incidences, professionally and sensitively, to protect the person who has reported this to the management team.


Dayle Humphrey

Review Date 31 October 2023

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